Hello, Fall.

Hello, fall. What a pleasure to be greeted by you. Your mustard yellow ignites the hillsides and steep mountain slopes that meet the bluest sky. Your breezy air, campfire smell, and glistening gold take my breathe away. And truly, truly, in Colorado, you do it best of all. Fall, I'm glad you're here. I think I'll keep you for as long snowy days stay far away and your aspen leaves glisten in the sun.
Three weeks ago we ventured through Western Colorado. Each night we camped, each day we explored. It was wonderful. And now, life is busy again in the very best way, with a trip to California this past weekend, house projects crammed in on days off and between rain, and quality down time when swimming, or cooking, or working doesn't take up the majority. So, here's just a snapshot from our trip, with a promise (to myself, really) to share my favorites from Salida, the brewery's in Ouray and Durango, and the hikes to waterfalls and ghost-homes that filled those days out west. 
Oh, and in case you've ever wondered if I can do a cartwheel. I can't. But, this picture might make you believe I darn well tried.


Good Bye, Summer.

It feels necessary to officially say good bye to summer. To make this line in the sand, and cross over to fall. Last night I found myself in flip flops and freezing while hurrying across the Target parking lot to get into my warm car, away from the wind that often shows up with October. And it was in this moment I realized how I have been holding onto summer for as long as I could. Holding onto it even though night starts at 6:30 now, and yellow leaves scatter the ground, and window frost greets me in the morning. The reality is that this has been the hardest summer to say good bye to. Spring was cold and long, with traces of winter still, and summer was wet and mild. I feel like summer was never truly here. I guess I'm just still holding onto the idea of pool side, popsicle full, and bike ride weekends in the hot sun… so officially, this is where you and I part ways, Summer. Or at least the idea of you must go. But first, one last moment from this past August, when the concrete was hot and the nights long - from the biggest rodeo in Kansas and a parade to go with it.

A few more posts with photographs scattered from our trip to Kansas: here and here


The Shed and Porch Dreaming

There used to be a rickety shed in our backyard, among other things like random ceramic statues, overgrown weeds, railroad tie garden beds, and cracked concrete. And now, it's been two weeks since the shed has been demolished, weeds pulled, garden beds renovated, and a new home found for the ceramic cat and frog. But tomorrow, tomorrow is a big day.
Tomorrow the jackhammers arrive. The concrete will be broken up, hauled out, and see-ya-latered. The front porch will be poured and the front steps smoothed out, all ready for stoop sitting and late night talking and beer front sipping - all out in the from and back yards of our Tieny home.
So with concrete tomorrow, a new roof two days later, and flower beds and no more shed - I'd have to say our little house is coming along. This time next year I dream of patio parties, wildflower perimeters and finely tailored garden beds; with a big open umbrella over a table where meals are shared and food baskets passed with bare feet in the grass; mowers and laughter and crickets sounding in the far and wide - on our back and front yard porches.

p.s. I can't wait to show you the transformation of our yard - these photos are bits and pieces from the before to after story of our yard progress. top: the very beginning full of the old shed and weedy beds, middle: the newly fixed up garden beds, bottom: getting there with the shed removed.


Autumn Caps

Me in Free People & Anne wearing Madewell's quilted baseball cap in navy. (I love her silly guts.)

A lot of you have asked about my new favorite plaid cap from Free People. I am pretty excited that we might bump into each other in town and be twins. But with that said, in case you want a different version but the same kind of look, here is a round up with a few of my favorite baseball caps for autumn. I love that a plaid or wool cap is a cold weather option, but its not as cozy and warm as a knit beanie (read: you will not be sweating with 5 minutes of indoor wear). I'm not quite ready for knit hats, so the baseball cap in darker hues (navy, grey, olive green, brown) and autumnal fabrics is perfection for the season right now. 


Remembering New York.

When September 11th became a day we'd never forget, I had yet to be to New York. I could tell you exactly what I was doing the moment we heard the news of tragedy hitting that city years ago. And I'm sure you could too. Just as generations before can tell us exactly where they were the minute they heard that Kennedy was shot. Or the day Pearl Habor was struck. How much tragedy there is in this nation's history, yet how much strength and community we have when the events we wish never occurred happen. 
This past January, we went to New York City. My very first time in the Big Apple. And, boy, how I loved the fast paced culture, the late night meals, and the tight knit streets that create a graph paper like grid on the maps we learned to walk everywhere with. New York City, and that trip, is one I will never forget. And so, today, as we remember what the words "nine eleven" elect in our senses and deep down in our hearts, I want to close my eyes and never forget this place, the community I experienced, and the strength of our nation. 

We spent time at the 9/11 Memorial when we were there. It's unreal to stand where the Twin Towers used to be, even my first time in New York, so I can't even imagine what it is like for someone who knew this place inside and out before the towers were hit. To lose such a big part of a city, to lose so many people who made this community what it was, and is - I cannot fully fathom. The owner of the hotel we stayed at told us how he remembers standing on the roof and watching that very day. I'd imagine people all over the city were doing this, if they weren't right in the tragedy themselves. Tears streaming down their faces, hearts in their stomachs, watching from rooftops and windows. 
The people that were lost at this very spot, although I don't know the faces behind the names and the moments that made up each and every one of their lives, were so loved. They are remembered beautifully at the 9/11 Memorial - if you ever are in New York, the Memorial is so worth making time for. Today I am thinking of those who lost someone that day, and praying for the families and the city. 

(more from our New York trip back in January here: Coney Island, Brooklyn to Manhattan, Williamsburg Flea, Grand Central Station, House of Small Wonder, Ace Hotel)


WEAR | Olive Plaid Baseball Hat

Oh hats. I have become that girl that wears one all the time. Running errands, out to dinner, at work. Mixing a high-low look, such as a pencil skirt with a hat, or just your basic sweater, cap, and denim - I'm all about it. And with autumn arriving, I was a little sad to say goodbye to my favorite summer hats. But then I found the ashton plaid baseball cap at Free People. Hello perfect hat for fall.
See? It's a pretty great hat. It also comes in brown. 
(I'm now a happy capper…

get it?… like happy camper)


WEAR | Long and Cropped, & Why I'm Doing Style Posts

Booties | Anthropologie (last year)    Sweater | Anthropologie     
Maxi Dress | Anthropologie ( similar here & here )
I started up these style posts again knowing full well I had no time to scout out pretty building fronts and locations as my style backdrops. Style posts went silent for months, until yesterday, because I just couldn't wing them. It was too much time and planning. What held me back was the production of it all. You know, making a trip to River North to stand in front of a bright warehouse door in an outfit that I do wear, yes, but that I planned out to a T for the shoot; making Matt go with me, and finding somewhere to be photographed that wasn't surrounded by people. I so admire fashion bloggers, who walk the streets of places like Nashville and New York turning heads while being trailed by their photographer. But for me, that's just not my thing - you know? 

Maybe I'm more of an introvert style blogger. I love pretty things and I love making myself feel like a piece of art, and expressing myself through clothing. I have no problem doing that in real time, in person, face to face. However, blogging it is different. And it never felt completely natural for me to go and do full on photo shoots for blog posts. I still am a bit modest and don't like to be showy (which can be a real fine line with blogging at times), so at first style posts felt truly uncomfortable. I mean, I sell clothes daily at my job, and put together head to toe looks for myself and others hundreds of times - but to blog about it became too much for me. I think the novelty wore off a bit, and it started to feel unnatural to make Matt fill in as photographer while I posed in front of buildings. Not to be confused with a lack of confidence. I always felt great in what I was wearing and my inner and outer beauty, but I just didn't want to spend my time trudging Matt to take my photo. It's somewhat hard to explain, but I bet some of you can follow my sentiments. Truly, for our marriage, our time together is spent more organically on bike rides, working on our house, adventuring, and being with friends - not on style posts. SO, I stopped asking him to take my photo for style posts, set them on the back burner entirely, yet continued getting dressed every day with WEAR posts completely out of sight and mind.

Now here I sit. Adding words to a style post after saying that I don't do style posts. Well, this week things shifted. My dear friend Anne, who has such great style, started talking about maybe chronicling her personal looks on her blog - my response was a resounding YES! I really want her to do it. But Anne is a busy lady. I mean, she blogs full time, is a student and wife full time, and is somehow always in Boulder doing a million things. I don't know how she does it. And I want her to blog her style. So to support Anne and show her that style posts can be done in the moment and with ease, I decided it was time for me to do them again - but this time differently. When I decided to pick up sharing my own style on here again, I chose to do it the most realistic way I could - in the moment, in what I literally step out the door and go to work in, and what I might have truly just figured out five minutes prior while juggling feeding the dog, making coffee, and making sure my teeth are brushed. I decided my wear posts are going to be completely, one hundred percent, real. Like, if you bump into me later that day, I will be wearing that outfit. And I might have taken all the photos myself. (With my phone. In my house. With Shelby photo bombing.) Because for me, this is the most natural and genuine way I can share who I am in what I am wearing. It just feels the most honest and true.

So I hope you stick with my not so perfect style posts.  I hope you feel inspired. I really find so much joy in putting together a head to toe look for both myself and other women, to help them feel confident and radiate the beauty inside, and I hope that you can see that here in this little blog space of mine.

Happy weekend, beauties.

p.s. Go tell Anne she should blog her stylish self.